My monitor diet; a belated new years resolution

I work with an abundance of screen real estate, wrapped around me like grandstands of a stadium. However, with over 10 million spectators each filling their own little space with colour and contrast, I have increasingly found that I become overwhelmed; I choke.

Pair that with some torsional neck pains as the day draws to a close, It seemed appropriate that I was increasingly becoming aware that maybe, just maybe there was too much. Inaction by overstimulation? Whatever it is, it was frustrating me. Always jumping back and forth across the screen, distracted, crowded and in all just using space for the sake of it.

So I went cold turkey. Just one day so far, but its been an interesting experience. My laptop usually on its pedestal sits dormant, only powering a single display seemingly lonesome as its twin also lies quiet. And when I think about it, it feels odd, like when a painting on a wall is removed, or when furniture is rearranged. Luckily, I only had time to think about it emerging from a strong focus, unbroken by visual stimulation by too wide a gamut of possible interaction.

It was nice.

Lets see how the journey continues.